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Is anybody reading my blog?

How would I know if anyone is reading my blog?

How would you know? People may leave comments but unless you use some sort of Analysis tool you would never know. When I started this blog I installed a plugin “counts per day” which gathers data from all your visitors.

It shows you:-

  • Number of reads and visitors.
  • Shows number of reads per page.
  • Shows number visitors today, yesterday, last week and last month.
  • Shows country of your visitors.
  • Reads per Country.
  • Visitors per Country.
  • Referrer.
  • 20 most searched strings ( keywords which bought people to your site).
  • Shows visitors online now. Read the rest of this entry

Biggest Forex Hurdle

Biggest Hurdle in Forex Trading is?

For the last two and a half years I have been learning to trade the Forex market. It has been a long hard struggle with many ups and downs. Considering 95% of people who take up Forex trading fail and lose their initial investment and further investments, I consider myself luck to still be trading.  It took me quite a while to realise that the problem with Forex trading was not the technical aspects, the complexities of charting or following the political and financial ups and downs of the world. It was a lot closer to home than that Read the rest of this entry

Finding a Niche?

Finding a Niche?

I am concentrating on finding a niche for my blog.  So far I have been writing mostly about the blog itself and the learning curve I am going through. I suspect I am not the only person who, having started a blog, for what every reason found themselves sitting  and pondering where they are going to take their blog.  For a long time now I have thought about starting a website and writing a blog.  I was never sure what it was going to be about but I liked the idea Read the rest of this entry

Google AdSence Approval

In yesterday’s Blog

I talked about bloggers block and finding a niche, in the finding a niche part I suggested that many blogs out there are designed more for AdSence and have very little content or long term value. I don’t want my blog to be like this, yes I’ll have to find a niche but I hope I can produce an informative and interesting blog as well and monetise it, so I just need to find Read the rest of this entry

Bloggers Block?

Bloggers Block?

Another interesting hurdle I have run into when starting a new Blog. When you first start a Blog for whatever reason, you need to populate the site with plenty of interesting high quality content fast. This is to get your Blog noticed, as quality content and regular posting is a very important element in get a Blog off to a good start. There you go, two difficult things to achieve right from the off.

So how am I going to decide on what to write about each day?

This is something I hope with time and experience I will master it but is there anything I can do to make the process easier? Read the rest of this entry

One Month Mentor Progress

I am now on the 5th day of the One month mentors programme and John Thornhill the Mentor has been keeping me quite busy. I have a new theme, a new header and footer, learnt to use and FTP client and applied to Google adsence for approval.  My website/blog is starting to come together. So far the course has been very good, with clear and understandable instruction, which I have been able to follow.

As part of course I had to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for the first time, it was Read the rest of this entry

Differing Blog Styles

One thing I’ve noticed when reading other blogs, is the differing styles you see. Some blogs read very easily and tend to flow, drawing you into reading on without any effort. Other blogs are hard to read disjointed and over whelmed with marketing, sometime it’s had to work out which is the blog and which is the marketing content. Getting the writing style of your blog at the outset is probably one of the most important factors in making your blog a success. Equally as important is Read the rest of this entry

My Blog

As part of my Blog, I am going to keep you up to date with what I am doing whilst completing the One Month Mentor program. It gives me something to write about whilst I am finding my feet and if anyone is interested in learning more about blogging/internet marketing, it will give them an insight into the content and value of the program. As I have said the program consists of 31 daily lessons in video format, usually each day is split into three or four videos. Although it says it is a one month program you don’t have to complete it in 31 days, if you want to take Read the rest of this entry

Whats a Blog for?

So now I have started the course and have started writing my blog I realise how difficult it is to find something to write about. I am sure hundreds if not thousands of people find themselves in this situation daily.

What is the purpose of me writing a blog? A good question and on the face of it is easy to answer, I enjoy writing and I would like to enhance my income, these are the first things that come to mind.

Do I have anything remotely interesting to write about? This is a harder one to answer, I find that once I have a subject in mind it is easy to write about it. The hard part for me is coming up with a subject which might interest people. I have had a fairly long and varied life to date, experienced may things, mastered some and failed at others but on the whole it has been a happy one.  I have many experiences and areas of expertise to write about, I have traveled extensively, experienced some strange and wonderful things so I have to believe once I start blogging on a regular basis and having completed the One Month Mentor program I should be able to come up with some interesting and informative Blogs.

We all have to start somewhere and this is it for me, so if you are reading this and thinking that you want to try blogging yourself, wish me luck and give it a go yourself. Please feel free to make comments, offer advice and ideas, ask questions and if you think my Blog warrant’s it offer encouragement it would be much appreciated.

Selecting a Course

OK, so I decide to learn more about building a website and blogging and rather than continue to Goggle and leaning to solve problems as they come, I signed up for a course in internet marketing. This course goes hand in hand with blogging if you are hoping to monetize your blog and earn an income from it. The course I selected was Read the rest of this entry

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