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The New Year Beckons…

A New Year a different world?

I started thinking about what the New Year will bring. The world economic crisis does not seem to of got any better. All the talk out of the USA is about the impending “Fiscal Cliff” approaching. The US politicians can’t seem to come to an agreement on how to deal with the huge debt burden they currently have, in fact talks collapsed just before Christmas and they didn’t go back to work until today. If they don’t come to an agreement by the January 1 deadline, huge spending cuts across the US public services will take $600 Billion straight out of the US economy and then recession beckons. Brinkmanship seems to be the name of the game in play today.

A gloomy start to the New Year and I have not even thought about the European economic woes yet. Its sobering to think, that if the governments of the world don’t get together and Read the rest of this entry

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Well the end of another year approaches  and I am already for the the festive season.

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


Lets hope that in the new year we can all succeed in what we try to do and if possible help and support each other to achieve our goals.

Plan the blog blog the plan.

What a difference a week makes.

In my last post I mentioned how I could not concentrate and that I felt bogged down and heavy headed.  I was trying to do to much and learn everything about internet marketing at the same time and quite frankly was fast running out of steam. That’s when I came up with the cunning plan of actually having a plan. A planned schedule for the week that is, in the hope it would help me focus and break down tasks into small bite sized chunks.

Well Monday morning, after taking my little girl to school and checking my essential emails; I sat down and planned out my week. I listed all the things I wanted to get done this week. There was so much on the list that I soon realised  half of the things on the list where not essential my immediate progress. Things like trying to watch and read all the videos and ebooks on internet marketing that I had amassed.  I seemed to think I could plough way through them and I would find all the knowledge I needed. Yes there is a lot of good information in these videos Read the rest of this entry

Planning For Success

Blogging without planning

I have been working very hard in the last month on trying to start a blog and find a niche from which to build an online income. The internet marketing niche is huge and there are many sub niches within it. Finding a niche is only one element of successfully growing a blog and earning an income though. If you are starting from scratch there is a vast amount to learn, a small example of the many things you will need to do, learn and  master are:-


  • Finding a domain name.
  • Setting up a host for your blog.
  • Configuring your host and loading WordPress.
  • Configuring WordPress by loading a theme.
  • Populating your website with informative and interesting content.
  • Designing and placing your headers and footer graphics. Read the rest of this entry

The value of a good mentor.

Follow the dream

For a long time I have dreamt about in earning a living on line and having the freedom to work from home or in fact, anywhere in the world I could get an internet connection. Sounds great on paper after a bit of research reality kicks in and it all looks too complex and hard to break into. I spent the first part of my life working as an aircraft engineer in various fields and you would think that this has stood me in good stead when it came to learning the technical aspect of the internet. However when I started my aircraft training I had  a good instructors/tutors and eventually  a mentor to show me the ropes Read the rest of this entry

Comment Spam

Strange and Unreadable Comments

Anyone who has a blog has doubtless come across strange unreadable comments which bear no resemblance to the subject at hand and are littered with links to unrelated websites. These sites are usually trying to sell you something, I’m pretty sure you don’t want, never will want or never even thought of wanting. Naturally as your blog becomes more popular so does the avalanche of unwanted comments. As you have probably guessed I am of course referring to Comment SPAM or LINK Spamming.


So how do you identify Comment Spam?    


It is very disappointing when you have spent time and effort writing a blog post and the next time check you have 6 comments and 5 of them are Read the rest of this entry

Spam, SEO and Bots?

Blog progress?

Interestingly enough since putting all in one SEO on my blog I have had a marked improvement of traffic. I am not entirely sure if this is real traffic or another sudden rush of bots viewing the site as it gets picked up more.  Also an update for my previous post Is anybody reading my blog?  , I emailed Tom Braider of the ‘Count per Day’ plugin to ask ‘Does Counters per Day count Robot visits Read the rest of this entry

Some Thoughts on SEO

Why use SEO techniques on your Blog?

In order to get a high ranking on search engines, the contents of a blog should always be full of fresh content and information,  be interesting and updated often. The search engines like this, they like unique content, regular updates, pictures, correct  formatting, good quality content, grammar and the use of Keywords relevant to your blogs subject. A blogger can generally take care of these things at the front end, but underneath in the murky depths of WordPress and search engines, there are lots of things going on; which if a blogger does not look after could hinder his blogs Read the rest of this entry