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Why you Should Change Your WordPress Username.


Attempt to Hack my WordPress Site?

I received an e-mail from one of my WordPress Plugins- Better WP Security warning me an IP address had been locked out of my website.

A host, 1xx.86.1xx.xx(you can check the host at has been locked out of the WordPress site at until Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 6:13:28 am UTC due to too many attempts to open a file that does not exist. You may login to the site to manually release the lock if necessary.

I then check the plugins security logs and it showed someone had tried to sign in to my WordPress site using the username admin. Luckily the username for my site is not admin which is the default username and if you don’t put your own in when you setup your website it will automatically use admin as your username.

So if your username is admin, I suggest you change your wordpress username  as soon as possible, if someone is trying to hack into your website you are gifting them half the information they need and so making there job a lot easier.

I have no idea why someone would want to try and hack into my website, I have xx’d out some of the IP address just in case it was a genuine mistake but I do know it did originated from Putian in China. This has made me realise that taking a few steps to improve security on my site has paid dividends. I have done a quick video to show you how you can change your username should yours be admin, because if you look under users in WordPress and go to edit your username it says you can not change your user name. In fact there is a way around this as you can see in the video.

Imagine what could happen to your site if someone had unfettered access to it.

  1. They could lock you out, so you can not access or modify your own site.
  2. They could write anything they want and it could be attributed to you by all your hard earned readers.
  3. They could carry out actions which could cause you legal problems and embarrassment etc.
  4. It short they could destroy your site,  it’s reputation. and yours, especially if you have not checked in on your site for a few days.

A worrying thought, I am sure after you contact your hosting company and they recover your access and change the security settings your readers would be understanding of the situation but it’s probably best to avoid the situation altogether. Anyway as a first step your can at least change you username, watch the video and it will show you how I changed one of mine. Be careful when you do it though.

How to Change Your WordPress Username

It’s early days for me in producing my own videos but videos are  fast becoming the normal in blogging and marketing,  it is  new  ground for me  and it is quite a challenge so I hope you will bear with me while I am polishing my skills, such as they are… I hope you you found the  ‘Change Your WordPress Username’   video  informative and helpful.

I need to look into website security a bit more and I intend to do a bit of research to enable me to protect my WordPress Websites in the future. I will of course share the results. If you have anything to add which maybe useful or have any other suggestion please feel free to leave a comment.


Learn to Succeed in Internet Marketing

Goal- Learn to Succeed in Internet Marketing.

Internet MarketingTo learn to succeed in Internet Marketing I need to understand what it actual is. In a previous blog post I separated marketing out into two areas. Here is what they mean to me:-

Internet Marketing- is running a website or other online method to market and sell  products, software, training or in fact any product online, basically you sell things online. This is really a broad term used to define the selling of anything online. For me Internet Marketing is going to evolve into producing my own product, probably an eBook.

Affiliate Marketing- is really just a sub set of this. In my case I am viewing them as two different subjects. It is another way to earn an income online. In brief it means to market other peoples/companies products, marketing them and providing a gateway/link to their sales pages or online shops.  If the person who follows your gateway/link actually likes the product and buys it you earn a commission. This commission is usually handled and paid to you monthly by a Market provider like Clickbank or Commission Junction to name two, there are many more.


When it comes to Internet Marketing I have a couple of ideas but I am going to have to carry out quite a lot of research first. There is quite a lot involved, here are a few thoughts on the process :-

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Research it to make sure it is in a sellable niche i.e. there is a big enough audience for you to sell enough eBooks to make it worth your time and effort.
  3. Use keyword research to identify that your idea is viable.
  4. Research the content
  5. Start writing first draft.
  6. Order or produce the graphics required.
  7. Produce any Videos to enhance the book.
  8. Start developing a marketing strategy.
  9. Edit and assembly eBook final Draft.
  10. Format and protect eBook.
  11. Write Sales pages and marketing material.
  12. Instigate marketing campaign.
  13. Start Pre launch.
  14. Launch eBook.
  15. Consider updates and follow on products.

This is just a quick list and as you can see it involves quite a lot of work. This is the main recipe for but not the main ingredient. The most important ingredient is:-

Your eBook has to be good, it has to be original, interesting, compelling and provide the information and answers your reader is looking for. In other words, fulfil the reason for its production.

If this is the most important ingredient in producing an eBook, the next most important is the actually making some money from the time and effort you put into producing it. Where writing a great eBook is vital, it is the marketing which will actually decide whether the eBook will be successful or not.

Learn to Succeed in Internet Marketing

Image you have just written the best eBook ever written and you put it up on your blog to sell it at say $ 20. Now you have about 30 visitors a day to your blog (not including spammers and bots) of which 3/4 are returning visitor. So in reality  about 225 people my see your eBook advertised a month and see the download link.  Of this maybe at best 10% will click and look further, read a description of the eBook and from there maybe 1 or 2 people will actually buy the book. After 2 month most people who return to your site have seen the eBook and decided not to buy it so your sales drop off to zero and you have sold a total of maybe 4 or 5 eBooks. A grand total of $ 80 to $100, for probably about a 100 hours’ work= 80c to 1$ an hour!!!

Remember it is the greatest eBook ever written. Although this lesson is a bit abstract, the lesson here is that if no one knows about it they cannot buy it. This is why the Marketing is fundamental to producing a Successful eBook.

As you can see there are a lot of steps to take and a lot to learn before I can actually start producing my first eBook, this is going to take some time. In order for me to learn to succeed in internet marketing I have already signed up to one of John Thornhills mentorship programs. While I am working through this I will also be Affiliate Marketing, which is a very good hands on way to learn the different methods of internet/online marketing. I’ll be covering this side of things in my next blog…

First Affiliate Marketing Video

First Basic Promo Video.

In my attempt to make my first Affiliate Marketing Video  I entered a unique contest The Biggest Bonus Ever Competition, promoting a product called EasyVideoSuite, it is coming out on Tuesday 15th January. Basically, for doing different promotional things you get points and at the end of the contest your name goes into the hat and each point is worth one chance to win some great prizes. So everyone who enters gets a chance.


How Does the Contest Work?

For example if you produce a video and upload it to You Tube and you get 100 points. So today I took it on myself to have a go at producing a video, I have never really done it before so it was a fast learning curve.  I doubt I’ll be walking up the red carpet any time soon though. When I understand the process better I will write a blog on it because it was not really that difficult technically. It is the artistic side which I am going to have to work on….

When this product actually comes out,  it will make producing and uploading your own videos very easy. Read the rest of this entry

Identifying and Planning my online Goal

Identifying and Planning my online Goal

I have recently spent some time identifying and planning my online goal. My ultimate goal is to start an online business where I can work from home. I  needed to identify what would be required to achieve my goal. Initially I identified my top-level goals and found they all seem to overlap in some way but also compliment each other.

These are my 4 major online goals.

  1.   Learn to write interesting articles and successful blogs.
  2.   Master Website creation and management.
  3.   Learn to succeed in internet marketing.
  4.   Learn to succeed in Affiliate marketing.


There are a lot of sub goals underneath each one but essentially these are my prime areas of interest Read the rest of this entry

Planning for the Future

The Year Ahead, What Now?

Just before Christmas I talked about organising myself and I suggested I should “Plan the blog, blog the plan”. Well tried it and followed it. It made a big difference to my week, I managed to stay focused on what I was doing and stick to the plan.

Reflection over Christmas

Internet Marketing PLan

Devise a Cunning Plan!

Over the Christmas period I have been giving the New Year a lot of thought and trying to decide on the way ahead. At the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new information mulling around. Quite frankly, there is a lot of it and I only have a vague understanding of most of it. I am confused to put it bluntly and until I work out how to proceed I am going to be going around in circles for the foreseeable future.

 Guess What!

So guess what, “I need a plan”, no great revelation it’s what I have been talking about all the time, even chipped away at it a bit. What I really need is not just any plan; Read the rest of this entry