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What is Rippln?

What is Rippln?

 Is Rippln going to be the next big mobile social networking app? I think it could be!!

Rippln is a brand new FREE mobile application that will change the way we communicate. It’s the first mobile platform to reward people for their own social network. Rippln is a new viral mobile app that is going to grow possibly faster than Email and Facebook!

The Rippln mobile application brings long overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition.” People will finally be able to see the impact of their social network on the market and have the chance to profit from it.

This transparency is important because recently huge companies and apps have relied on user’s social influence to grow by one person telling another person.  Although this is clearly valuable, this influence has never been disclosed, until Rippln. Once users are put into the profit equation, there may be no going back.

This is your golden opportunity to put yourself in a position to capitalize on these three emerging markets Mobile, Apps and Gamification.


How you will make money?rippln logo

This will spread across the globe like a ripple in a pond that a stone has been thrown into. You now have the opportunity to be at the centre of that ripple! The app also offers a chance for people to monetize their ripple. We are talking about significant passive income from revenue generated by app users worldwide. As your ripple grows you receive income any time that someone uses the app to buy flowers, game tickets, movie tickets etc. It’s time that regular people have a chance to earn passive income simply from sharing a useful tool with those they know.

The Rippln mobile app is available through limited invite only. Once you have the app, than you can invite other people. You will see in real time how your ripple grows as your friends invite others.

Rippln projects that in 12 months 20 million people will have this app, and by 24 to 30 months in that number to be 200 million users! Position yourself in the centre of the ripple!

Discover why and how apps actually go viral.

You start off with an allocation of 5 invites.  If people have not joined after 24 hours you can then send their invite to someone else.   As soon as 5 have joined you will be given another 5 invites & so on.  It’s best to follow up your invites with an email to speed things up.


To understand what is RIPPLN better watch this short video and if you are interested CONTACT ME and I will send you a link. ps I will need you first and surname for the link..


Write without getting distracted.

Write without getting distracted

Sometimes, it’s hard enough to write your thoughts down in a blog post, let alone write one that’s both interesting and engaging but on top of that, being able to write without getting distracted can prove very difficult. Picture of girl distracted from writing

It’s not easy coming up with new topics, for me it’s often the hardest part and to come up with one on a regular basis if not every day is something which needs discipline and creativity. That creativity can easily be diminished by everyday distractions, like email, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and web surfing, they all take up time and effort even before you have started typing your first word.


Once you have decided on your subject and actually start typing it takes a while for the creative juices to get flowing and a barrier to this can be distractions yet again. Formatting, bright screens, spell checking and worst of all the dreaded grammatically green underline!! So how can you write without getting distracted?

What I am trying

One way to help overcome some of these distractions is to use a distraction free writing tool. It consists of a black screen and light green text. Once you have started typing you don’t worry about formatting, spelling or grammatically errors you just concentrate on the content. Forget all about everything else and just let your creative juices flow from your fingers, don’t give a thought to what it looks like as you type just keep pounding those keys and let it all out. When you have finished and worn yourself out you can go and have a cup of tea do something else for a while and then come back and edit and format your post.


Focus Writer screen shot

Distraction free writing tools

The one I am trying out at the moment is FocusWriter is free and can be easily be googled for a download link, or try googling ‘distraction free writing’ . This is early days for me but so far it does seem to help me get what’s going through my head out and onto the screen. So if you are struggling it’s worth giving it a try.