I am now on the 5th day of the One month mentors programme and John Thornhill the Mentor has been keeping me quite busy. I have a new theme, a new header and footer, learnt to use and FTP client and applied to Google adsence for approval.  My website/blog is starting to come together. So far the course has been very good, with clear and understandable instruction, which I have been able to follow.

As part of course I had to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for the first time, it was easy. On my other blog I use to upload everything through the WordPress Dashboard, which sometimes I found a bit confusing and time consuming.  Using FTP is fast and very easy to understand, I had always avoided it as it looked far too complicated and I was not really sure what it was for. Basically for those who don’t know, it turns out it is used to quickly transfer files from one server to another or from your computer to a file server, where your website is hosted and available 24 hours of the day. The clue was in the name I suppose.

The FTP software we used was ‘FileZilla Client’, it is open source software distributed free under the GNU General Public License.  It looks and pretty much operates the same way as explorer in windows, so it is all quite intuitive. Once you have logged on to your Domain Name webservers you can move files across from your compute to your website/blog by dragging and dropping. The only snag is you need to know exactly where to drag and drop them. We learnt that too or at least the bits we need to know to update the theme and applying the header and footer. Below is a picture of the interface to give you an idea what FileZilla looks like.

FileZilla Client image

FileZilla Client interface















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