GJTI have been living in Spain for the last ten years. Originally I am from Cornwall where I lived happily for many years. Work took me away in the end and I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and enjoy life whilst doing a job I enjoyed.  We all have to settle down eventually and for me that was my move to Spain. I like the warmer climates you see I am always happier in the summers so thought why not move somewhere it is summer most of the time.

The greatest thing that has happened to me was about 5 years ago when my partner Yvonne became pregnant and we now have a beautiful daughter Mia.  At the time of her birth I was celebrating my 50th year and a whole new life had just opened up for the both of us.

Suddenly I had real responsibilities and I had to start thinking more about the future. I need to make sure we were going to have a secure future. I had semi-retired on moving to Spain and was ticking along quite nicely. I still am in fact, but the World has changed since 2008 and I find myself slowly eating into my savings as things don’t quite stretch far as they did and past financial planning has to be revised. I could of course bury my head in the sand and take the wait and see approach but as I said I now have real responsibilities. Instead of waiting and seeing I decided to get back to work.

An online business where I can work from home seems like the ideal opportunity to build another layer into my family’s future financial security. So here I am at the very start of an exciting journey to build an online business which I hope will eventually take some of the uncertainty out of the future. I hope to see you revisiting my blog, it’s just a start, I hope to learn quickly and provide a useful and interesting addition to the internet community in the process find a niche that I can fit into.