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Planning for the Future

The Year Ahead, What Now?

Just before Christmas I talked about organising myself and I suggested I should “Plan the blog, blog the plan”. Well tried it and followed it. It made a big difference to my week, I managed to stay focused on what I was doing and stick to the plan.

Reflection over Christmas

Internet Marketing PLan

Devise a Cunning Plan!

Over the Christmas period I have been giving the New Year a lot of thought and trying to decide on the way ahead. At the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new information mulling around. Quite frankly, there is a lot of it and I only have a vague understanding of most of it. I am confused to put it bluntly and until I work out how to proceed I am going to be going around in circles for the foreseeable future.

 Guess What!

So guess what, “I need a plan”, no great revelation it’s what I have been talking about all the time, even chipped away at it a bit. What I really need is not just any plan; Read the rest of this entry

The New Year Beckons…

A New Year a different world?

I started thinking about what the New Year will bring. The world economic crisis does not seem to of got any better. All the talk out of the USA is about the impending “Fiscal Cliff” approaching. The US politicians can’t seem to come to an agreement on how to deal with the huge debt burden they currently have, in fact talks collapsed just before Christmas and they didn’t go back to work until today. If they don’t come to an agreement by the January 1 deadline, huge spending cuts across the US public services will take $600 Billion straight out of the US economy and then recession beckons. Brinkmanship seems to be the name of the game in play today.

A gloomy start to the New Year and I have not even thought about the European economic woes yet. Its sobering to think, that if the governments of the world don’t get together and Read the rest of this entry

Planning For Success

Blogging without planning

I have been working very hard in the last month on trying to start a blog and find a niche from which to build an online income. The internet marketing niche is huge and there are many sub niches within it. Finding a niche is only one element of successfully growing a blog and earning an income though. If you are starting from scratch there is a vast amount to learn, a small example of the many things you will need to do, learn and  master are:-


  • Finding a domain name.
  • Setting up a host for your blog.
  • Configuring your host and loading WordPress.
  • Configuring WordPress by loading a theme.
  • Populating your website with informative and interesting content.
  • Designing and placing your headers and footer graphics. Read the rest of this entry

The value of a good mentor.

Follow the dream

For a long time I have dreamt about in earning a living on line and having the freedom to work from home or in fact, anywhere in the world I could get an internet connection. Sounds great on paper after a bit of research reality kicks in and it all looks too complex and hard to break into. I spent the first part of my life working as an aircraft engineer in various fields and you would think that this has stood me in good stead when it came to learning the technical aspect of the internet. However when I started my aircraft training I had  a good instructors/tutors and eventually  a mentor to show me the ropes Read the rest of this entry