How would I know if anyone is reading my blog?

How would you know? People may leave comments but unless you use some sort of Analysis tool you would never know. When I started this blog I installed a plugin “counts per day” which gathers data from all your visitors.

It shows you:-

  • Number of reads and visitors.
  • Shows number of reads per page.
  • Shows number visitors today, yesterday, last week and last month.
  • Shows country of your visitors.
  • Reads per Country.
  • Visitors per Country.
  • Referrer.
  • 20 most searched strings ( keywords which bought people to your site).
  • Shows visitors online now.

As you can see it gives you a graphical view of the statistics gathered. This can give you help in understanding how your blog is being received but I don’t think it tells the real story. Why because once you put your Website/blog up live and advertise your presence, like registering your site with Google Webmaster Tools, the bots will start to travel to your site and I suspect that these are counted too which would give you a false impression of how your site is doing.

Are most of the visitors to my blog just automated bots?

So, are most of the visitors to my blog just automated bots checking it out for analytical purposes?  I think a lot of them are. According to the stats I have had 69 Total visitors but interestingly in the section where it shows referrers I can see 14 visitors came from Forex Mentor Pro, which I discussed in my last blog; I posted a comment on there the other day with a link to my blog. So that leaves 55 unknown visitors.

In the settings area of counts per day, there is a section which says ‘Mass Bots’ and it seems to show the majority of views which I believe are from bots. Interestingly enough the visitors per country stats show the majority of visits from USA and China which tallies up with the Mass Bots data, but views per day are not the same as visitors but you can see where I am going. Anyway I have asked the developer about this and when I receive an answer I will let you know.

When I first started looking at these statistic I thought, hey people are starting to read my blog, wow! But I have had some of the wind taken out of my sails but digging a bit deeper into these stats. Having done a bit of research it seems that Google Analytics does not count Bot traffic so i have signed up and place the script in my blog, and will wait and see how the results compare.

One of the best ways to tell me your out there is to post a comment and please leave a comment and let me know how I am doing  or if you have any questions or advice for me.

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