Is Social Media Driving You Crazy?

The Social Media community is extremely fast moving, don’t you think?

Social Media large group of people depicting a social network It is actually turning out to be more difficult to stay up to date with it all.

Our private social media space can be difficult to manage and are we really meant to have all these friends? When I started out in social media  I just wanted to preserve contact with  friends and family, I tracked some old friends to find out how they were, and posted only the most appealing photographs of myself.

Social Media after Friends and Family

When I moved on from friends and family and befriended people virtually, this presented and new era of social networking for me. How do you keep track of them all? Some you actually choose to befriend but others just sort of appear in your network, you don’t know where they come from or what they expect but there they are. You click the wrong button and you end up befriending the world and suddenly your page  is cluttered with stuff you don’t really want to know about. Then what do you do, you don’t want to hurt their feelings by de-friending or deleting them. The problem is that there are those who spend all day Tweeting or posting to Facebook the most benign  dross and often, if you have a couple of these it takes you a while to scroll down past all these comments and pick out the comments you actually want to read. It can drive you crazy but I suppose  it’s just part of the social scene.Social media Rage man jumping up and down on hid laptop in anger.

It must be especially tough if you a have teenage son or daughter who don’t actually want to be your friend on Facebook because it would mean they have to  think before they post. Besides you would both get the feeling someone is looking over your shoulder when you are posting, best avoid the situation I think. I am also sure they seriously don’t want to hear about your every day musings, and you undoubtedly don’t want to know about theirs! It is a balance of wanting to protect them and letting them learn about life on their own, but not an easy area of social media, for either party. I suppose you have to bring them up to have good judgement, a good moral compass and to be honest with them about the real world, before it introduces itself to them, when you are not there to protect them. Then you just have to trust them and their judgement.

Using Facebook for both business and personal use can be a challenge? Yes, you may create lists and post distinct messages to particular lists, but initially you will need a week spare to sort all your friends and business acquaintances, into separate lists. Then what if one slips onto the incorrect listing or what if you inadvertently publish about your drunken evening out on your business list? Especially when a friend of yours tags you within a photo of that identical drunken evening!

Then there’s LinkedIn? Yes, it is the professional network, and absolutely everyone is considerably more careful about their posts. Everyone’s profile suggests that they are serous and they are the next Richard Branson, but then a feeds tweet arrives to their profile, sharing their favourite tipple or saying how  they are exhausted and don’t want to go to work and face the individual idiots they’ve got to sit alongside each and every day! Opps! not looking forward to going to work on Monday 🙂

Social Media Growth can be Confusing too.

With today’s Social Media, we are associated to more people than ever as our social network expands, but with this ever growing network of contacts comes greater confusion and it is vital to know which sites you have connected too and which sites are contacted to each other. It is very important to know this in order to avoid potentially embarrassing social media faux pas. Many people today seem to delight in sharing the most intimate details of their everyday life, but if you are social for business purposes you must be careful about everything you say? Your colleagues or possible customers simply don’t want or need to know everything and nowadays you always have to be mindful of litigation.

Yes, it really is possible to send tweets to Facebook, auto submit your Pintrest pictures to Facebook, inform your Twitter followers when you submit a new post to your blog, auto post your YouTube video to your Facebook business web page, have your Twitter and Facebook stream posted into Google Plus, and a whole lot more. It can all be very confusing and if handled badly it can give you a headache. If you are in business you must have a presence out there and if it is just personal you just want to keep it simple and know what’s happening in all you network of friends.

If you want to unravel the confusion and make your social media life simpler, get the right apps, icons and widgets in place so your personal and business  community can find you everywhere. A good place to start would be the Social Media Spiders Web   (Affiliate Link where on joining you will find step by step videos which show you how to set up, optimize, integrate and automate your Social Marketing.  You will also discover tips and techniques to build your community, find engaging content, and become a Social Media authority in your niche.

I recently joined and its already saving me loads of time building my network. I have made a short video myself which will give you a better idea of what Social media Spiders Web is about.

 If you have any questions or want more info please leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help.



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